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Frequently Asked Questions

◊  What if I don't have a Social Security Number?

     If you are from a foreign country, you need to obtain an ITIN number from IRS.  We can file an application (W-7) to obtain an ITIN number which will accompany the tax return to IRS.  You need to bring in a birth certificate and photo ID (matricula) to apply for ITIN number.

◊  What type of information do I need to take and have my taxes prepared?

      You need to bring all W-2's and/or 1099's issued to you by your employer, or self employed earnings.  All financial organizations in which you earned interest, paid mortagage and real taxes, and/or paid student loan interest.  

      You will also need names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for you, your spouse, and all dependents.   

◊ Who can I claim on my income tax return?

     You can determine dependent eligibility by taking the Qualifying Person Test (page 3)   at the following link.

◊  Do I have to file an income tax return?

     Yes: if you have income of $ 12,000.00 and filling Single, or $ 24,000.00 Married Filing Joint.  If you made less and you were deducted income tax, you don't have to file, but you should file to get the taxes refunded to you.

      Yes:  If you have any type of income and have dependent child(ren) that qualify for Earned Income Credit.

◊   If I e-file my Tax Form, when will I recieve my refund?

            Please read the attached file          E-File Deadlines

◊  What tax form is best for me?

    1040 is the only form available for 2018.







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